Team – Nico Restaurant — Modern Bistro


Nicolas Delaroque

Nicolas found his passion for food early in life. Since the age of 14, food has been his focus. He attended culinary school in Paris, spent summer seasons cooking in Corsica, and winter seasons cooking in The Alps, and began his professional career in the kitchens of Paris. At the age of 23, he left France and cooked and traveled his way through Australia and Canada, ultimately finding his place in San Francisco. Nicolas has cooked with some of the Bay Area's great chefs, including Dominique Crenn and David Kinch. Since opening his own restaurant, Nicolas has received much acclaim. Everyday, Nicolas feels fortunate to do what he loves and be able to teach others. Nicolas is a stickler for technique, but strives for the perfect balance between work and fun in the kitchen. Nicolas describes his food as gourmand, intuitive, and spontaneous, with a little bit of tradition. He continues to be inspired through his travels and voracious reading. Read More + Close (x)

Andrea Delaroque

Andrea is a lawyer turned restaurant owner. Previously, she practiced commercial litigation and land use law in California and Nevada. Nowadays, Andrea focuses on the operational aspects of the restaurant and finds that her legal background always comes in handy. Read More + Close (x)

Reina Talanoa
Chef de Cuisine

Reina and Nicolas met several years ago while working together at Manresa. They found that they shared similar sensibilities about food and the atmosphere of a good kitchen. Reina is a Bay Area native and attended culinary school at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. She has worked in some of the finest kitchens in the Bay Area including, Gary Danko, Quince, Manresa, and Bar Agricole, before joining our team in 2014. Reina is an integral part of our team and, like Nicolas, believes in beautiful, simply prepared, delicious food. Read More + Close (x)

Gideon Levine
Wine Director/FOH Lead Operative

Gideon is a sommelier and an educator. He loves wine. The figuring-out and harnessing of fermentation--in its varied ceremonial, cultural, and culinary applications--has helped propel the substance of "the good life" through a deep vein in the narrative body of human history. It's Gideon's intent to have people exposed to cool, interesting, delicious things, and to make the intersections between Nico's food and all those beverages to be as simpatico as possible. He likes it to be fun, too. He wants people to be happy. He wants his team to be happy. He wants to be happy. Read More + Close (x)

Simone Mims
Bar Manager

Simone, originally from New York City, derives her inspiration from multi-cultural flavors and seasonal change. She has worked with some of the best the industry has to offer, bartending and serving at Delarosa and Prospect. She then went on to run beverage programs at The Hotel Vitale and Foreign Cinema. Using everything she has learned from living on both coasts, combined with the wonderful restaurants and bars Simone has had the opportunity to work with, she strives to make beverage programs that are focused, memorable and hospitable. Read More + Close (x)