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Roblox Bedwars FIRE SHEEP UPDATE Log & Patch Notes: Balance Changes, Items, Bug Fixes

by Sunny

The BedWars universe just got bigger and better! On January 27th, 2023 the Fire Sheep update was unleashed bringing a host of exciting bug fixes and changes. From improved gameplay to juicy new secrets lurking about - this patch is sure fire fun for all players!

Fire Sheep (Limited Time!)

Place down a Fire Sheep Statue to protect your base. Feed it Purple Hay Bales to upgrade its damage and attack range.

Free Kits of The Week

  • Cyber (First Time Free!)
  • Davey
  • Beekeeper

BedWars 5v5

Added a bed shield that prevents beds from being broken for the first 2 minutes of the game

Balance Changes

  • Lucía
  • Candy per 100 damage: 40 → 50
  • Builder
  • Bridge Printer deploy time per scaffold: 0.1s → 0.05s
  • Adetunde
  • Frost Crystal drop rate: 30% → 70%
  • Frost Crystal drop cooldown: 2 seconds → 1.5 seconds
  • Fisherman
  • Time to bite: [4s-8s] → [6s-10s]
  • Fish resources scale over 12m: 40% → 140%
  • Metal Detector
  • Reward scaling over first 10m: [30% - 230%] → [30% → 150%]
  • Trapper
  • Trap cost: 16 iron → 32 iron
  • Nyx
  • Max armor pen: 20% → 15%
  • Baker
  • Apple heal: 22 → 18
  • Pie speed boost: 30% → 24%
Roblox Bedwars FIRE SHEEP UPDATE Log & Patch Notes: Balance Changes, Items, Bug Fixes

Ready to try something new? Head over to the Roblox BedWars page and experience an updated version of this fan favorite! Whether you're a master strategist or just starting out, our website has all the info you need for your perfect Roblox BedWars journey.

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