About Our Team


Nicolas chose cooking for his love of food. His childhood was spent in Paris and Normandy, home to cream and butter. Nicolas completed his culinary training in Paris, spent some time cooking in Paris, Corsica and the French Alps, and then left France for Australia, Canada, and finally, San Francisco where he has worked with many outstanding chefs and at exceptional fine dining restaurants, including Manresa. Once in San Francisco, he knew he would stay.

Nicolas draws inspiration from his childhood, his travels throughout Europe and Asia, and from the local Farmer's markets that he visits several times each week. In opening Nico, he wanted to create a place both convivial and approachable where he can make people happy with food. With this restaurant, he takes the technique and uncompromising standards of a fine dining kitchen and delivers it in a warm, friendly atmosphere. No tablecloths. No whispers. Just good food, prepared with care.


Andrea chose the restaurant for her love of Nicolas. Once a practicing attorney, Andrea naively thought she would help launch Nico and return to a legal practice. She has since realized that the restaurant business is a full time job and has embraced the work. These days, Andrea spends most of her time helping with the administrative and operations side of the restaurant.


Like many in this industry, Maz began working in restaurants as a teenager washing dishes and doing prep work. Originally from New York City, Maz moved to California in 2002 to attend culinary school for Hospitality Management. He has worked in various capacities in management throughout San Francisco's top restaurants, including Aqua, Salt House, RN74, Coi and Rich Table where he was most recently a Partner.

As the Wine Director for Nico, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and relations within the industry in areas of development, operations, leadership, and has also created an eclectic beverage program to complement Nicolas' dynamic menu. He also has a strange addiction to gummy vitamins and you can find him at the library playing with his puppy.